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Backflow test

Your annual backflow test

Our OHA (Oregon Health Authority) certified plumbers will perform your annual backflow test, then complete any repairs and all required paperwork.

What is backflow testing?

To keep our drinking water clean and safe, most communities require an annual backflow test. Without a working backflow device, contaminated water can back up into our drinking water sources.

Backflow is when the flow of your water reverses direction. This can allow chemicals, bacteria or other contamination to enter your drinking water, which can be harmful to your family’s health. It can also cause pipes to become unsafe. Backflow prevention devices are designed and installed to prevent contamination of our drinking water if water pressure and flow changes.

When you receive your notice for your backflow test, call Gormley Plumbing.

Our state-licensed and OHA-certified backflow technicians will test and service each backflow device on your site. If needed, repairs will be made to meet all state codes.

A non-licensed plumber is not certified to make these repairs on the plumbing system backflow device. We’ll also complete all of the required paperwork to notify your local water provider that testing is complete and you’re in compliance with all codes.

Gotta get Gormley when it’s time for your annual backflow test.

For more information from the Oregon Health Authority about backflow testing visit their web page. You can also see a current public list of OHA-certified Backflow Assembly Testers.