A Gormley Family Affair

As a family owned and operated business, Gormley Plumbing + Mechanical emphasizes the same values at work as we do at home. This means genuine respect earned through a strong commitment to the community and its plumbing needs. It’s a proven formula that’s stuck with the Gormley family for four generations and counting.

What began in Nebraska in 1908 is now based in McMinnville, a multi-generational business that is as knowledgeable as it is lasting.

Roots in Nebraska – Branches in Oregon

When brothers James T. and Ira Gormley founded Gormley Brothers in the Cornhusker state, their plumbing, heating and well-drilling services were delivered via mule-and-wagon. Soon, they operated out of a truck and expanded their territory.

The second generation headed west when son James E. moved to McMinnville. By 1968, after years with C.N. Bennett Plumbing & Heating, James was ready to take over the business and purchased it with his wife Jean. The company was renamed McMinnville Plumbing & Heating and continued to serve the Yamhill Valley.

The third generation joined the company in 1971 when Edward Gormley graduated from Gonzaga University and returned to McMinnville. He earned his Master Plumber’s license in 1976 and bought the business a year later with his wife, Candy. The company would wear the family name as Gormley Plumbing & Heating. Today it’s Gormley Plumbing + Mechanical working throughout Southern Washington and Oregon.

McMinnville from 1968 to today

The fourth generation of Gormleys continues today with daughters Kimberly and Kori. Both raised in the business, they have gone from curious kiddos playing in showroom bathtubs to company managers. In 2005 Kori joined the leadership as Vice President and CFO and now serves as President.

In 2012, the fifth generation signed on. Kort Gormley Huppert, Kori’s first son and Ed’s first grandson was born. Although he’s a bit young now for the business,  he’s certainly on track to carry on the Gormley family name. He has since been followed by his brother Kaden David Huppert.

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